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Frequently Asked Questions

Even though I am not a student can I still apply for residency?

Yes. We also accept applications from professors, researchers, young professionals and other people connected to the academic environment.

Is there a waiting list? How can I apply?

The residence will open a waiting list for all applicants who, although they meet the requirements, have not been admitted because there are no vacancies. Please send us an email and you will be able to join the list. In case a vacancy opens, the General Manager will immediately contact the candidate.

I filled the "application" for an available room. Is my room reserved this way?

The reservation will only take effect when the payment of an amount equivalent to a monthly fee is made. This amount will work as a deposit after the checkout.

Are there schedules for leaving and entering the residence?

Residents are free to enter and leave at their own convenience. Each resident has a set of keys, referring to their apartment and room.

Can my guests stay overnight in my room?

No, only in very exceptional cases, if they are family or friends of the same sex and with prior written permission from the General Manager. In general, visits are authorized from 8am to 10pm. If you wish and whenever there is availability, you can sleep in a room for a fee per night.

Do you provide meals?

We do not provide meals, but we have fully equipped kitchens in each apartment.

Can I visit the room before booking?

As a rule, the rooms are not available to be visited as they are occupied. However, you can see the pictures of the rooms on our website.

What does my room include?

Rooms include, furniture, mattress and pillow, desk and closet. Depending on the room, you may have a private bathroom, otherwise you will always have a shared kitchen and bathroom. To get the bed linen, you can ask for it at the time of booking. See the values here: Extra Kits

What does my monthly fee include?

Wi-fi, water and electricity, up to a value of x kw and x m3, described in the description of each room.

Is the deposit returned at the end of the contract?

If there is any damaged equipment or furniture, we will withdraw the corresponding amount from the deposit, otherwise we will return it in full.