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Terms of Service
March 2022


1. Objectives of the regulation

1.1 This Regulation lays down the Regulations for the operation and use of the University Residence SHELTER10 managed by General Manager and is an integral part of the contract for the use of accommodation and integrated service provision between SHELTER10 and the resident.

2. General Manager of the Residence

The General Manager is the person responsible for the management and organization of the Residence and has been granted the power to issue orders, issue notices or give binding instructions to residents, as well as convene meetings with them (compulsory attendance) or entering the accommodation upon prior notification. Every first day of each month - or the following working day if it coincides with weekends or holidays - the General Manager is authorized to enter the accommodation in order to read the electricity meters.

3. Registration

Applications for the first semester open on 15th March of each year. 

Shelter 10 guarantees a final reply within 45 days upon reception of the application.

From the date of notification of admission, the candidate has three days to proceed with the registration, which is included in the Registration Form (available on the website) and the payment of the reservation fee in the amount of a rent (you must send proof of payment to the General Manager's email: lisbonshelter10@gmail.com. When the accommodation period begins - right after check-in - this booking fee is converted into a safety deposit, which will serve as a guarantee to cover any eventual damage caused in the accommodation or in any common area of the Residence as well as to cover eventual rent in arrears or other charges incurred during the term of the contract. This amount will be refunded. It is also important to realize that at the time of the booking the accommodation the candidate is entering into a legally binding contract and is responsible for paying the full rent due, resulting from the contracted period.

4. Registration Renewal

4.1 Until 15 March of each year, residents interested in staying in the Residence in the following school year may apply for renewal of registration. Renewal of registration will be accepted at the outset provided that the following requirements are met:

- The residents have behaved irreproachably in the current year;

- Do not have any debts to SHELTER10 ;

- If they apply for stays of 11 months or more. After this deadline, residents can still apply on equal terms with other applicants.

4.2 SHELTER10 will inform the residents who have requested a renewal of the registration whether or not it has been accepted, notifying, in the first case, the date for granting the contract for the new school year, as well as, for the provision of the security, according to the new values set by SHELTER10.

5. Contract duration and cancellation policy

5.1 Contracts may have a duration of 5 months in the first semester (September to January; 6 months in the second semester (February to July) or 11 months for both semesters (September to July).

5.2 Cancellations are allowed, provided they are duly justified:
- If the cancellation happens 60 days before the start of the rental period, the deposit will be fully refunded, with the exception of an administrative charge of 50€ 

- If the cancellation happens 30 days before the beginning of the rental period, the candidate is entitled to a refund of 50% of the deposit amount with the exception of an administrative charge of 50€ - If the cancellation is made on less than 30 days from the beginning of the rental period, no refund will take place;

- If the candidate wishes to reduce the length of his/her stay there will also be no refund.

6. Check-in and Check-out

Check-in may be carried out between 10am and 6pm, Monday to Friday (except holidays), upon prior agreement with the General Manager and the check out as far as 11 hours from last day of contract, and the resident is subject to the payment of a fine 20 euros in case the check-out time is not fulfilled. At the time of check-in the following documents will be given to the candidate, duly authenticated by SHELTER10, which must be signed by the resident, one copy for the resident and the other to the General Manager:

- Contract (2 copies)

- Inventory (2 copies)

Occupation of the accommodation will only be possible by signing the above-mentioned documents.

7. Joint inspection and equipment inventory

7.1 At the time of check-in, as soon as the resident enters the residence, a joint inspection will be made between the new resident and the person in charge and will be accompanied to the accommodation assigned, together with an inventory of the conditions of the accommodation which is the candidate’s full responsibility and which must be in the same condition at the time of leaving the Residence, safeguarding the minor deteriorations due to time and use. 

7.2 If the check-in occurs during the weekend, up to date holiday or out of office hours, the resident shall ensure that the contract for the use of accommodation and the integrated provision of services and this Regulation are subsequently handed over to General Manager

8. Delivery of keys and conditions

8.1 Upon entering the Residence, the resident receives the accommodation key which has been assigned as well as the entrance door and kitchen locker keys, which are personal and non-transferable

8.2 In case of loss of any of the keys the resident must immediately inform the General Manager of the Residence, who will provide new keys, the cost of the same being debited on the invoice of the next rent. 

8.3 The keys are delivered free, should be returned at the end of the contract or when, for any reason, there is a change of accommodation or a vacancy. 

9. Payments and conditions

9.1 A monthly fee refers to the period from the first to the last day of each month (the first day and the 30th or 31st) and includes the accommodation, water and electricity (the last two according to the characteristics of each room, as shown on our site) and cleaning up the common areas. 

9.2 The payment must be made by the 5th day of each month, by bank transfer, to the IBAN PT50 0007 0000 0034 4846 8352 3. It is mandatory at the time of transfer to indicate the name and surname of the resident, so that it is easier to identify the source of the payment. 

9.3 The rent corresponding to the month of July must be paid in phases - in four parts - in March, April, May and June.

9.4 At the time of check-in a first monthly fee must already have been paid, resident at that time also to hand over the respective supporting.  

9.5 If the payment of the monthly fee is late for a period exceeding 8 (eight) days, SHELTER10 has the right to demand, in addition to the monthly fee, a compensation equal to 20% of what is due, unless the Agreement is terminated on the basis of the non-payment. This amount will be added to the monthly fee invoice pertaining to the following month of the Agreement. If the Resident does not make the payment within fifteen (15) days after the date of issuance of the invoice, SHELTER10 reserves the right to terminate the Agreement, and will proceed to evict the Resident from the accommodation with a two (2) days’ notice.

The statute of limitations to exercise claims for payment of the monthly fee shall be five (5) years.


10. Residents Responsibilities

10.1 Residents are responsible for proper use and maintenance of facilities and equipment, and are obliged to indemnify SHELTER10 for any damage occurring either in the exclusive use spaces or in the common spaces. 

10.2 When it is not possible to identify the perpetrator of any damage to the premises and equipment in common use, the same shall be charged to all residents. 

10.3 In the case of accommodation shared by more than one resident, if it is not possible to identify the perpetrator of any damage to the premises, the same shall be charged equally to both residents. 

10.4 In the event of a brief interruption of the water supply, internet access, sewage system, pipes, cables or similar, residents shall not be entitled to any compensation, provided that such interruptions have not caused injury to life or health or have not been caused by intent or negligence of SHELTER10. 

11. Use of the accommodation

11.1 SHELTER10 is a Mixed residence. Therefore, accommodations are assigned regardless of the resident's race, religion, creed or social origin.

11.2 All individual accommodation is to be used exclusively by the resident to whom it is allocated and may in no way be transferred to third parties. 

11.3 Double and T0 accommodations are intended to be used exclusively by the residents to whom they have been allocated, being prohibited the assignment of the contractual position in favor of third parties, totally or partially, temporarily, or permanently. 

11.4 A transfer or change of accommodation may be permitted at the written request of the resident, with the reasons for this being invoked, but the decision to change will always be subject to the appreciation of the General Manager.

11.5 Residents must vacate their accommodation by 11 a.m. on the last day provided for in the contract.

12. Use of common areas

Residents may use the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, balconies and/or patios, as well as the common areas of the floors in which their respective accommodations are located. They are, however, obliged, after their use, to leave these spaces in a perfect state of cleanliness and tidiness in order to allow their correct and hygienic use by other residents. Personal objects are not allowed (such as shoes, bags, umbrellas, etc.) in the common areas, with the exception of laundry or food in the kitchen. 

13. Anomalies/damages in installations or equipment

Residents must report immediately to the General Manager or whoever replaces it, any anomaly they detect in the premises or equipment of the Residence. No type of damage can in any way be repaired at the Resident's own initiative. It is also recommended to adequate housing ventilation with frequent opening of the windows in order to avoid the installation of mould on walls and/or ceilings.

14. Visits

14.1 Visits may only remain at the Residence when duly identified and authorized by the General Manager, and must do so between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. The resident is responsible to SHELTER10 for the visitor's compliance with all the Regulations of operation of the Residence, namely the Regulations of these Regulations. 

14.2 Visitors may not stay overnight at the Residence, with rare exceptions, when duly authorized in writing by the General Manager of the Residence. 

15. Performance of tasks by employees of the Residence

15.1 Residents shall not interfere in the work of employees and any occurrence shall be reported immediately to the General Manager.

15.2 Taking into account the nature of the service performed, or in cases of manifest need, the work of the staff of the Residence may eventually be performed outside the normal working hours of the Residence. 

15.3 The normal working hours of the Residence, i.e. the time when the employees carry out the cleaning, will be communicated by mail.

15.4 The residence's employees may enter the residence's accommodation whenever there is a need for cleaning, maintenance, repair or safety inspection of its facilities and equipment. 

16. Noise
16.1 During the day, in the period between 8 am and 10 pm, a moderate noise level should be maintained to allow for a good study and social environment.

16.2 Between 10pm and 8am residents should avoid making any kind of noise in order to respect the right to rest of other residents.

16.3 Residents should adjust their behaviour whenever there is a request to moderate the noise level at the site so that the rights of all are respected.

16.4 The practice of musical instruments it is expressly forbidden to play percussion instruments and to use instruments with amplified sound in the living quarters or common areas.

16.5 Any exceptional situations involving increased noise, such as celebrations of special dates or birthday parties, must be authorized by the General Manager of the Residence.

16.6 There are arranged in common areas noise detectors, that trigger a remote alarm if the noise goes beyond the intensity considered reasonable.

17. Cleaning and order in the lodgings

17.1 Residents, when leaving the accommodation, should leave it properly clean and organized. A cleaning fee of 30 euros will be charged on the last rent of the contract.

17.2 The cleaning the common areas of the Residence will be carried out once a week, on a schedule to be determined by the General Manager.

18. Food Preparation and Confection

The preparation and confection of food, as well as the heating of drinks, is only allowed in the kitchens after using the kitchens the residents must leave them in the residence clean and tidy, in order to allow its correct and hygienic use by other residents. 

19. Washing and treatment of clothes

The washing, treatment and drying of clothes is only allowed in the household laundry, it is expressly forbidden to dry clothes in windows, parapets, bathrooms or lodgings. A washing machine should be used in a conscientious and sustainable manner, and should only be used at its maximum capacity.


20. Recommended measures

20.1 Residents are recommended to subscribe to an indemnity insurance and a medical insurance, which they can subscribe to at any of the companies available on the market.

20.2 Residents, when absent from their accommodation, should always leave them locked up, ensuring that the doors and windows are equally well locked.

20.3 To allow access in the event of an emergency, the resident must never leave the key in the lock when entering his/her accommodation, and if he/she closes the door to the key.

20.4 For the sake of safety, it is strictly forbidden to have any type of installation inside the accommodation or heating or cooling appliance, these may be confiscated by the General Manager.

21. Video surveillance system

In order to help clarify the causes of any incidents that may occur inside the Residence, it is equipped with a video surveillance system, with cameras at the entrances of the building, corridors and rooms, whose recordings will only be viewed if necessary and in accordance with the law. 

Following the above mentioned, the Resident expressly authorizes and consents on both the collection of images, as well as on the transmission of the personal data to persons or entities in charge of the management or administration of the property or any law enforcement agents, as well as to all those who prove necessary for the performance of the Agreement.

22. Exclusion of liability

SHELTER10 is not responsible for any damage or loss suffered to the personal property of residents.

23. Weapons and pets

23.1 Is expressly prohibited residents to hold in their possession at the Residence any weapons, explosive materials or toxic, flammable or hazardous to health and security of the residence and its occupants.

23.2 It is, too, prohibit residents from keeping pets in the residence.

24. Ban on smoking and fire

It is expressly forbidden to smoke or start any fires – namely to light candles, incense or any other similar objects - throughout the Residence.

25. Prohibition of drug use

Residents are expressly forbidden to consume or possess any narcotic drugs.

26. Residents with disabilities

Residents must refrain from obstructing passages and circulation areas so as not to hinder the movement of disabled residents.

27. First aid kit

For the treatment of minor injuries or minor illnesses, there is a properly equipped first-aid kit in the Residence in all common bathrooms.


28. Failure to comply with the rules set out in the Regulations and Contract

Failure to comply with the rules set out in these Rules and in the Contract may result, depending on the seriousness of the violation in question:

- Oral reprehension;

- Written reprehension;

- Loss of the right to use accommodation and integrated services and consequent termination of the Contract.

29. Loss of right to use accommodation

29.1 The following facts shall constitute grounds for loss of the right to use the accommodation and consequent termination of the Contract:

- Smoke or fire at the residence;

- Present yourself in a state of drunkenness;

- To consume, to possess, to traffic, to incite to the consumption or another form to foment the circulation of narcotics in the Residence;

- Any form of physical aggression or moral coercion practiced within the Residence;

- The repeated practice of lack of courtesy in dealing with others;

- The practice of gambling;

- The lack or delay in payment of the services provided by the Residence in accordance with the contractual terms;

- The indication of false data in the application and registration process;

- Make it possible for strangers to stay at the Residence without proper authorization, as well as to give someone else the key to your room;

- Wash or do laundry outside the laundry areas;

- Cooking or preparing food outside the existing kitchens in the Residences;

- Use irons in bedrooms;

- Prevent or interfere with the performance of professional duPes to be performed by the staff of the Residence or any other employees who go there on duty;

- Changing the placement of furniture or any other equipment without proper authorization, such as removing the pictures/images from the walls. No painting or fixing of new accessories to the walls, floor or existing furniture is allowed. The installation of awnings, shutters, external blinds, windbreaks, grids, coatings or satellite dishes is also not allowed;

- Not respecting or repeatedly disturbing the study of other residents or their rest periods;

- To be the bearer of an infectious disease, without prejudice of being able to return to the Residence once cured;

- The practice of any act that falls within the scope of criminal offence;

- The practice of any act that, due to its seriousness, is considered by the Direction of the Residence as being susceptible of irremediably compromising the permanence of the user in the Residence, namely the violation of basic rules and principles of security;

- Violation of the noise regulations set forth in these Regulations;

- Any other facts which shall be so considered in the review of these Rules.

29.2 The loss of the right to use the accommodation and consequent termination of the Contract shall also be based on the fact that the Resident has been the subject of two written reprimands on the grounds of violation of other provisions of this Regulation and of the contract of use not contained in the preceding paragraph.

29.3 The loss of the right to use the Residence and consequent termination of the Contract implies the immediate abandonment of the Residence, as well as the loss of the deposit contractually foreseen, without prejudice to the payment of other amounts that are due under the terms of these Regulations and Contract, namely concerning services rendered, as well as for compensation for any damage caused.

29.4. When the Contract is terminated or resolved, the Resident shall vacate the accommodation immediately, remove all belongings and personal assets if any, and return the accommodation with all the keys and accessories, furniture and fittings in perfect condition, in accordance with the fulfilment of its obligations under the Contract.

29.5. In the event the Resident does not vacate the Property, he must pay a penalty for the additional period of occupancy equivalent to double the monthly fee, proportionally divided, pro rata, for each day of occupancy.

29.6. In the event that the Resident does not deliver the accommodation, SHELTER10 has the right to cut off all utilities including electricity, water, gas and WiFi in the accommodation. 

29.7. In case the accommodation is not delivered within 3 (three) days after the date of termination of the Contract, SHELTER10 has the right to enter the accommodation and  block the Resident’s access to it. 

29.8. Pursuant to the previous number, SHELTER10 shall have the right to, at the Resident’s expense, deposit whatever Resident’s belongings and personal assets are found in the accommodation and, within 30 (thirty) days after such deposit, without the Resident having claimed such goods, dispose of them.  


30. Missing Cases/Doubts

The General Manager of the Residence shall clarify any omissions and doubts of interpretation of these Operating Regulations.

The Resident expressly states and confirms, by subscribing into these Regulations, to fully speak and understand the English language, thus expressly waiving the right to claim the non-knowledge of any provision.

31. Review/Updating the Regulation

These Regulations may be revised or updated at any time, where circumstances so warrant, by notification to residents by the General Manager of Residence .

Lisbon, March 2022

The SHELTER10 Administration